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With our 32,500 miles of rail track, you can rely on us for shipping your freight in the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable manner. Use our rail network route maps to see your shipping options.

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Network Map

Download BNSF Rail Network Map

Rail Network Maps

Learn more about the BNSF network, and the routes offered for different commodities.

Strategic Site Map

View maps and information for BNSF's Logistics Parks, Logistics Centers and Certified Sites.


At BNSF Railway, we know that transporting goods between Canada, the U.S. and other countries can be challenging.

Mexico (English)

BNSF Mexico offers freight shipping solutions to and from Mexico, with an emphasis on opportunity, flexibility and support.

Mexico (Español)

La compañía BNSF Railway Company, opera una de las redes ferroviarias más grandes de Norte America, con cerca de 32,500 millas de vía férrea, localizada en 28 estados de los EE.UU. y en 2 provincias del Canadá.


Reach 100 percent of U.S. markets by taking advantage of BNSF’s access at West Coast ports to keep finished goods, commodities and raw materials moving to their final destination.

BNSF Ports

Our network and relationships provide best-in-class connectivity to a variety of port locations; offering competitive solutions to optimize the supply chain. By joining the land and water transportation networks, we are essential partners connecting you worldwide and coast to coast.

Coal Mine Guide

The United States has the largest coal reserves in the world.


We connect with all other Class I carriers, and approximately 200 shortlines, regional carriers and switch carriers. These long-term relationships supply shippers and receivers with seamless, efficient transportation from door-to-door, providing the most direct, efficient and cost-effective passage possible.

Team Tracks

BNSF recognizes that situations arise where direct rail service is not always available and team tracks make the most sense.